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Ukrainian language courses at the University of Toronto  
with Prof. Mariana Burak

Домашня сторінка: Welcome

Ukrainian language courses at the University of Toronto, with Prof. Mariana Burak.
This site was created by students of the Ukrainian program at the University of
Toronto. Here you will find information about the UofT language program. You can see how our students studied before quarantine, and what the course
was like during the pandemic: what exercises we used, how we studied online, how we
spoke Ukrainian, how we sang Ukrainian songs, and so on. It seems to be a success!

Our  courses

The Ukrainian program at the University of Toronto is one of the best in North America.
There is always a wide variety of courses to choose from, including those on literature,
culture, and of course, language. This year, we offer the following language courses:

SLA108 - Elementary Ukrainian
SLA208 - Intermediate Ukrainian
SLA308 - Advanced Ukrainian

Courses about Ukraine can also be found at the faculties of history and political science!
Language courses are taught by Prof. Mariana Burak, a visiting professor from Ukraine.


Dr. Mariana Burak holds a Ph.D. in Education and has completed the Fulbright Research and Development Program at the University of Michigan, USA. With expertise in education modeling, teaching in international contexts, language assessment, and Community-Based Learning, Dr. Burak is an established speaker and participant at international conferences, seminars, and workshops. She has authored the textbook “Yabluko” (2015, 2019, 2022), the first Ukrainian language textbook based on modern communicative pedagogy. Dr. Burak’s experience extends to being a Lecturer at the University of Michigan where she is currently teaching a remote course “Let Ukraine Speak”. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Mariana Burak is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto and continues coordinating remote programs and projects for the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture, conducting research in language pedagogy and linguistics, and volunteering.

Our classes

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Our students

U of T students study Ukrainian at different levels and for different purposes. They have
varying backgrounds, interests, and specialties at the university. However, each student
is interesting in their own right, with unique experiences and motivations for learning
Ukrainian. So let’s get acquainted! These are our wonderful students.